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dinsdag, 1 december 2020

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Parade is a ground-up MPV model embodied with a new EV platform created by a paradigm shifting of ideas and advanced technologies at ATT R&D. Parade provides a generous interior within a compact body, accommodating four adults comfortably. Each of the two rear seats can be individually folded and removed to carry more cargo.

Parade's drive motor is located between the rear wheels and houses a large battery compartment underneath the passenger's. This unique design enhances the safety and dynamic performance of the Parade.

The All-aluminum body of the Parade is not only recyclable but its rigid strenth enhances safety. Aluminum alloys are used in the suspension and brakes, contributing to its quality drive. The extensive use of aluminum in the Parade extends the range of the vehicle and scales down the up-front investment during manufacturing.

Parade will be offered at a MSRP of around US $20,000, far less than all other electric vehicles available today. The Parade features safety and comfort, including dual airbags and climate control, not offered by other automanufactures.

In short, Parade is an environmentally friendly, safe, reliable and affordable electric vehicle.



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ATT R&D is a designer and developer of types of EVs utilizing innovative technologies. The company has well-prepared business models, core technologies, human resources and accesses to other essential resources for commercialization of EVs. ATT R&D intends to be the first company in the world to show by examples how commercial success can be achieved for EVs.

Parade, a multi-purpose electric vehicle, is the first EV the company has developed. The vehicle can accommodate four adults comfortably and is operable on highway up to at 110 km per hour. All basic features, like dual airbags, electric power steering and climate control system found in other sophisticated and refined EVs of major automakers are also included in Parade.

The MSRP of Parade of 60-mile range with lead-acid batteries will be around US $20,000, a price no other competitors could offer for their own EVs comparable to Parade.

The company expects that the EV will be remembered as world's first affordable highway EV and will have people feel EVs as realistic alternatives to polluting cars and pick-up trucks.


"Invitia" and "Always" are other types of electric vehicles of the company. These two EVs are classified in the U.S. and Canada as LSVs(Low Speed Vehicles). They are perfect means for vast majority of short trips everybody encounters almost everyday. The EVs were designed to be sold as passenger cars in countries where laws equivalent to one for LSVs exist. The two EVs of ATT R&D will have more value per cost than those offered by other EV makers regardless whether they are sold as LSVs or passenger cars.

The company has expanded its capability and operation ever since its inception in 1997. However, ATT R&D keeps a slim organization by hiring small number of highly-qualified employees and mobilizing number of professional freelancers and specialty vendors as needed. Here at ATT R&D, we think big; we decide quickly; and we act agilely. We have spirit of innovation and, in addition, intelligence and passion to convert innovative ideas into successful business.

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